"Do I need a landing page?"

... or is there something else I should be doing to find my first customers and grow my business faster?

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💡 Question #1 of 5:

Do you know who your customers are? Can you describe what makes someone likely to be a good customer of your product?

💡 Question #2 of 5:

Have you already spent time talking to potential customers about their pain, goals, and how you can help them?

💡 Question #3 of 5:

Can you explain and quantify the pain you solve for your customers, in their own words?

💡 Question #4 of 5:

Can you explain the value of your product to your customers, in their own words?

(ie how will your customer's life be better after buying your product?)

💡 Question #5 of 5:

Do you know the main objections your customers have to buying your product, and how to overcome them?

🏆 You should (maybe) build a landing page!

You know enough about your customers and product to build a great landing page.

But it still might not be the best use of your time...

For example, if you don't have any customers yet, you should probably get out and do sales - not build a landing page.

Otherwise, go ahead!

⚠️ You shouldn't build a landing page (yet)

You don't yet know the bare minimum about your customers, the pain you're solving and how they talk about it.

So building a landing page now is a dangerous waste of your time...

Instead, the most impactful thing you can do today to move your business forward is to get away from your computer and go talk to your potential customers.

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